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    Multiply creativity, energy and engagement of your people to generate more business value

    DEVELOR - People Engine logoIf you were ever reflecting on how the learning culture in organizations contributes to their economic success, we have great proposal for you. Join the PEOPLE ENGINE conference 10. 11. in Prague!

    Different types of organizations have different needs, but there is something that connects them all. It is that their performance depends largely on the performance of their people. And because the human capital in companies and organizations is often poorly utilized and developed, there is substantial economic potential for higher added value creation, which can be released. In brief, if the companies will work better with human capital, they can dramatically increase their productivityand their contribution to the economy. In the long term, this fuels the development of a competitive and sustainableeconomy based on knowledge and innovation.

    PEOPLE ENGINE participants will receive:

    • solution tool-box for your people-business opportunity/challenge
    • pathway to shaping your culture towards the learning organisation and connecting organisational learning to business value
    • convincing material to promote effective human governance practices within your organisation
    • quality interaction with like-minded professionals

    See the conference invitation HERE and meet us in Prague 10.11. for PEOPLE ENGINE.

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