DEVELOR to further expand internationally

emmanuel_saincaizeEmmanuel Saincaize joined Develor International on Sept. 1st as International Network Director.

Capitalizing on a 15 years business management experience Emmanuel will be the driver of Develor expansion beyond Central and Eastern Europe. Develor as the leading training and consulting firm in the region increases its presence in the fastest developing markets around the world becoming a global player with coverage of 20+ countries.

He will be in charge of developing Develor’s network, next to supporting the existing international affiliates, and managing international clients.

He expatriated from his native France in 1996 just after graduating from ESSCA Angers (international school of management) with a BA in finance, and started his career as civil servant in Hungary. Then he worked for the French-owned worldwide yeast producing leader LESAFFRE for 10 years at different positions in the finance and management areas, in Hungary, regionally for Central Europe and has also spent 3 years in Ukraine as Plant Director. Last he held the position of General Secretary for the Hungarian Energy business line at the major energy company GDF SUEZ for 3 years.

Emmanuel, 38, lives in Budapest together with his Hungarian wife and their 3 kids. In his free time he likes multisport practice and is always open to discovering new cultures. He speaks English and Hungarian fluently besides his native French and has acquired some knowledge of German and Russian.

Short interview with Emmanuel

– Given that you have such a diverse managerial background why did you decide in favor of Develor?

After many years spent in two „classical” industries (food processing, and energy ), in operational and managerial positions in the finance, administration and general management field, I wanted at this stage of my career to focus on human resources and more specifically people development. Develor is a major player in an industry I wanted to discover from inside, with a notorious name in a region where I have won some experience in the past, and with clear ambitions to expand beyond today covered territories. This makes a very charming cocktail for someone like me.

– What are your first impressions of the “Develorians”?

Beyond the hiring process I discovered „Develorians” and the Develor culture „live” at the international Conference (called DIRECT 2012 ) and „waooww!” you can’t really describe with words the energy and power emanating from the people there, as individuals and as a group. The commitment of the teams to reach ambitious plans and move from good to excellent is impressive. They seem to me very professional and open-minded, and they surprised me very positively with the way they welcomed and accepted me in the Develor family as a newcomer and stranger to the industry.

– What will your task be exactly at the company?

At Develor International I will be in charge of managing the international network in its current setup and operations, and driving its further expansion, assisting the CEO in this strategic issue. I will also be a support to the local teams with international clients or for global projects. And on top of that I wish I could take part in coaching or training projects delivery.

– How is it that you live here in Hungary? How do you see Hungarian people?

Back in 1996 I landed in Hungary by chance to spend 16-24 months as a civil servant at a French business school. Indeed I wanted to go abroad after my studies and experience some international feeling before entering the employment market for good, but it could have been anywhere else theoretically… Meeting some specific people at a certain moment drew my path to Budapest finally and I don’t regret it. I really believe in these “signs” in life of events that simply look like chance at the first sight and then appear to be much more!
Then before the end of my civil service I decided I certainly had more interesting opportunities to discover by staying in Hungary than going back to France where nobody was waiting for me. I loved living in Budapest, I invested energy and time in learning Hungarian, and I felt at my best in multicultural environments… Later I met my wife, we spent some time together in Ukraine too, and when we returned we settled down in Hungary naturally for family reasons.
I think Hungarian people are usually friendly in small groups, well educated and even often brilliant individuals. That’s for the good part. If I should mention as well some negative points, I would say that they usually miss the opportunity to apply and show in groups, or as an entire nation, the awesome intelligence they can show individually. I deplore the negative/pessimist way of thinking about most of what happens to them, and what irritates me the most is definitely a lack of service/customer-oriented mindset, generally speaking.

– You are a sportsman. Tell us what is your main hobby?

Apart from doing sport, in my free time I like listening to music, I like dancing, drinking a couple of bottles of good wine with my friends, I wish I could go more often to theatre or to see movies, and of course I love playing with my kids.