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    2581-motivacio_30What is the connection between the training market, motivation and the Beatles?

    If there was a hit chart for training programs, we would not have to think much about the answer. The training related to motivation, similarly to the four mushroom heads, would break any record, and without a doubt they would claim the first place on the chart list.
    The repertoire of these courses has barely changed in this last period of time. Each training company has played the same record, possibly at a different speed, with a different presenter or on a different stereo. However, in the meantime, good leaders continued to look for a way to make their organization more effective and their employees happier. The newest training program of our product development team has created the environment and chances for this expectation to be met, based on Daniel H Pink’s success book published in the care of HVG and Develor.

    Our developmental solution brings on a new paradigm to the training market just as the Beatles brought along a new set of sounds. The ideas we have known so far about motivation are being exploded by Pink on the pages of his book, and by Develor trainers in practice. The system of extrinsic motivation at work places, in school and even at home can be effective for only a short period of time. Following the music analogy, extrinsic motivation is an outdated record. It is boring and dusty – a thing of the past.
    The main guideline of the Motivation – inner strength training, which is suspected of becoming a real hit, is the creation of such a work environment that makes it possible for colleagues to unfold and evolve. In other words, it makes it possible to progress day after day in realizing their goals, to stretch the boundaries of their own performance and to allow their dormant creativity to surface. They would feel joy while working and not apathy. For this trust, success, individual performance and accountability are needed.
    If we, managers, work toward having a workplace with a ROWE, we may have a chance to achieving the above described state. What is ROWE? Attend our training and we will help in achieving it together!

    What results have been already produced by intrinsic motivation?

    Though we are aware that pleasant work atmosphere creates business value by itself, Motivation 3.0 is not merely about the good mood of employees. It means such creative power that no leader can disregard. The existence of post-it and the most successfully encyclopedia of our age, called Wikipedia, is all due to intrinsic motivation. The latter is solely the result of voluntary work completed by professional encyclopedia writers and editors in their working hours, which has beaten the simultaneously started encyclopedia development project of the biggest software mogul. This is one of the most tangible successes of intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation.

    What does Motivation 3.0 promise?

    Our training program is aimed at managers, where they will get acquainted with phrases like ROWE, FedEx day, or personality type I, and they will also receive help in ways to create Motivation 3.0 workplace culture.

    Topics of the program are the following:

    • Inspiration in managerial work
    • Dangers of extrinsic motivators
    • Components of intrinsic motivation
    • Creating ROWE
    • Intrinsic motivation and ROWE
    • Experience of Flow at work
    • Managerial tools for increasing flow

    The training promises the following results:

    • More success, greater performance
    • Conscious use of motivators
    • Motivated, independent individuals
    • Improving business performance
    • Better work place atmosphere, more satisfied colleagues

    If you, as a manager, are also working on linking your employees’ intrinsic motivation to the business results of your company, please contact us for more information and for a more detailed offer at the following e-mail address

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